Why do I need a mobile app?

Your customers are usually traveling when they discover they need vehicle service...so why not be there when they need to call you and schedule?  In one word, it’s the “convenience”, because being available to the best customer at all times is how you keep the best customers.  

People are migrating away from desktops to mobile devices rapidly and, because yours is a business that revolves about the word "mobile", more than any other business auto repair needs to be mobilized. 

Why can’t they just look me up?

They can, but the best customers that use smartphones usually just search by phone for a local repair shop and they will first find national competitors that have mobilized and made it convenient for them to set up an appointment by phone.  Finding you is only the beginning, but optimizing your pro-active marketing to KEEP customers that SHARE you is really important, and mobile can do that.

It's not just about "finding" you, it's about getting your business advertised to more people, more often at no cost to you, which a properly designed app used by your customers can do for you.  Besides, it's not just about texting.  People are using social networks like Facebook and recommendation sites like YELP all the time today and with a mobile app, you get the immediate benefits of those customers telling everyone about you with just a click or thumbpress.  

Why do you say “the best” customers use smartphones?

Because smartphone users are statistically more wealthy, have more discretionary income to spend, spend more often, can afford the best service, are more loyal, tell others about you on Facebook, etc.,  and are drawn to businesses that help them optimize their expense for their smartphone.

Will a mobile app bring in more business and how?

Because people will have your icon/link residing on their phone, and because most people never leave home without their keys, wallet and phone, so you’ll be with them when they need you at all times.  Besides, you can put special offer coupons on your app and incent people to use it to contact you for appointments, help, emergency assistance and more.

What’s the rush?

Because national chains and larger competitors have the budgets to promote and succeed quicker with their apps, and there is only so many apps people want on their phone, so the sooner you get your local customers acquainted with your app, the least they are to get another.  i.e., The more time you have to get a head start, the more successful you’ll be and the less you’ll spend getting there, which you’re going to have to do at some point anyway...so why not now?   More than half of phones are smartphones now, and in another year or so 70%-80%, so if not now when is a better time?

How much does this cost?

About $49 per month, including your access to a dashboard at LocalMobil that allows you or anyone you wish to be able to edit, update or changes information on your app at any time.

Is there additional fees?

It depends on who builds the app to begin with.  You'd be able to build the app yourself if you have ample experience with website building and maintenance.  Generally, it can take 3-8 hours to build a basic mobile app (not a native app).  Our rates are $39 per hour and we can create the entire app for you, or we can train you, or we can train another.  Prepayment for a one-year period for hosting and dashboard access will provide you with a discounted rate.

What about editing and updates?

We'll help you through that or do it for you...all for a fee.  YOU self deterine for yourself who-how-when your app is updated and how it is handled.

How does this get marketed?

Simply, and in multiple ways.  First, you put QR codes and weblinks on signage in your shop, on your window and in your waiting area.  Then, you promote using other media and optimize your mobile app with search engine optimization, links to your site, Google Places, etc.  We'll present you with the marketing plan when we discuss your needs and target goals.


Frequently Asked Questions


Will my company have it’s own app in the iTunes store and Android market ?


No, though you can get native apps for an extra charge.  This is a mobile web app that does NOT have to be downloaded from an online app store, but can be put on any and every smartphone device, tablet and desktop computer easily by the customer by use of a sign placed in your shop or a print ad, business card, etc., with a QR code, website address or by simply texting (optional).  To build a native app for the app stores, your app should first be tested and proved as a web app..


How do I sign up for this service?


There are two ways to sign up: by phone (440) 544-6530 or click HERE and complete the form with your contact information, and our customer service department will contact you.


Can I update the information for my app online?


Yes, included with your app is access to your app manager software.


The app manager software allows you to:


  • Add/edit coupons for viewing by all users
  • Link the app to your online schedule or appointments calendar or take appointments by email from customers who use the app
  • Update your store information
  • Change all aspects of all information presented on the app
  • Collect email addresses, phone numbers and other information for texting/sms or email promotions


How much is the setup fee?


The setup fee is approximately $280 (7 hours @ $39 per hour) for your first location (call for special pricing on multiple locations) and then $39 per hour for us to handle the update information or assist or train you or a designated person whenever you need.


What does the setup fee include?


  • Account setup for the App Manager
  • A free URL with the .localmobil extension (your own url without the localmobil extension is easily used in place of the localmobil extension
  • Creative design for all graphics needed for the mobile application, using your logo and other graphics specific to your business
  • Countertop display and window decals
  • QR Code
  • An hour (1 hour) of training on your own control dashboard


What are the monthly charges?


The monthly hosting and maintenance fee is $49.00 for the first location (call for special pricing on multiple locations).


What is included in the monthly charges?


The monthly fee includes access to the App Control Panel and Dashboard, hosting and maintenance of the supporting mobile cloud server, continuous error correction and updating of your mobile applications.


May I cancel anytime?


You may cancel at anytime.


How do I get my app into the Apple app store and Android market?


We can arrange that for you, whenever you’re ready for extra cost.  Also, more functionality may be built into your app for native apps.  Ask us for details.


Is my app free to my customers?


There is no charge for your customers to put your app icon/link on their device.


Do I have to sign a contract?


No, see our terms and conditions.


How do I pay my monthly payment?


Up front, a year in advance, with a discount, or monthly but, in both cases, via a PayPal portal on our website or a check paid to your representative.  Or, call us to pay in another manner..


Is there technical support if I need to help using the app Control Panel?


Yes, our customer service department is available to troubleshoot any technical questions.


Will my app work on iPads and tablets?


Yes, your app can be used on any device with that has web access.


Can my customers see my hours, store location and contact information?


Yes, your customers can:


  • Get instant directions to your store via Google Maps, and to the selected location if you have multiple locations.
  • Customers can view store hours and phone number.
  • Click to call or email you….and a whole lot more.


How can I remind my customers for service?


Customers must input their information and we can then help you create the best methods for pushing out service reminders, special offers, etc.


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